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Claudine P. Hopkins
Scholarship Program

Honoring A Legacy


A Message From Tanya Lofty - CEO

Claudine Hopkins had a love an passion for children. As a child, her mother abandoned her. She and one of her siblings were taken to Children's Village to live. After hearing of her abandonment, her uncle and aunt came to get them. Like any child, she wanted to feel secure, have a sense of comfort and a ray of hope! She was so happy, that the memory of sleeping on the floor in an overcrowded facility was almost a distant memory. The only thing she dreaded was leaving the smaller children there behind. She was the only "mommy" some of them knew. She would caress, hold and play with them because she felt their pain. God's love enabled her to triumph over a past of abandonment and pain! She had two children of her own that she loved dearly and never abandoned.

Years later, Claudine (my mommy) went on to assist me for years in my childcare business. Henceforth, my love and passion for children. The legacy continues. As an Early Childhood Educator, I too understand the importance of a child's well being. Unfortunately, every parent/guardian cannot access assistance to afford them access to quality childcare services.


Therefore, as a childcare advocate, I want to invoke change in the community. Every year, we will award scholarships to deserving families. 

Please complete the application below. Applications are accepted between August 1-10th on an annual basis.

Scholarship recipients will be notified on August 31st of each year. 


Applicant submission details will remain confidential. 

Scholarship Application

Application Submission: August 1st - August 10th

Scholarship Recipients Notified: August 31st

Thank you for your application. Recipients will be notified on August 31st.

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